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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leyla and Eli sittin' in a tree...

Today our playgroup got together and met at Lake Willastein Park.  This is a phenomenal park with great playgrounds, swings, and even walking trails.  It's so pretty because it is surrounded by lots of water. It's a very peaceful place. We love this park!
We had lots of fun, as you can see:

Eli was a little scared at first, but he quickly remembered how much he loves to swing! :D

Max was just chillin'

Rylan has no fear!!

He didn't understand why he couldn't go UP the slide, instead of DOWN, until a child came barrelling down and kicked him in the face!

Pretty girl!  I <3 her!!

She has the silliest crinkle of her nose when she smiles! LOL

My Lily Bug! :D

Leyla and Eli could not get enough kisses!

Addi the wild child!  This child seriously fears nothing!!

 After school, the kids and I went back to Lake Willastein to have some more fun!  The kids loved it!

Andrew showing how big he is!

my baby boy!

Ali was very cautious, as usual! lol

My babies, having fun together! :D
I got a lot accomplished today!  Aside from the TWO trips to Lake Willastein, I went to the Revenue office to register my car and renew David's tags, I went to Land Rover to schedule my first oil change and I also stopped in at Bedford to price some canvas wraps! :D  All things considered, it was a good day.  I am worn out!
Goodnight fellow bloggers!


  1. I'm so happy we got to see y'all today!!! :)

  2. Please tell me my child wasn't the one who zoomed down the slide and kicked Eli in the face. :)

  3. Ashley-me too! We had a blast! :D

    Michelle-It was a stranger's kid! ;)


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