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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Sweet Little Bubble Boy

The kids were out of school this last Friday and Monday.  We spent both of those days with Andrew's allergy doctor. UGH!  I made an appointment for Friday and we went in to have allergy testing done, but weren't able to do the testing because no one had told me that Andrew had to go without his allergy medicine for 72 hours prior to the appointment. Another UGH!
Andrew didn't mind. He is the most chill kid I know, seriously.

We made a second appointment for Monday and I must say, I was unprepared.  I knew that Andrew had struggled with allergies for some time and the tests would show that, but I had no idea just how many things he would be allergic to or how that would affect our lives from here forward.
The first set of tests were done on his back.  40 tiny pricks were made on his back and tiny amounts of allergens were inserted into his back to show us exactly what he is allergic to.

It was miserable to watch, but to my surprise, Andrew said it didn't even hurt.  This is great news for a mommy. :)  A few minutes later, the tiny prick spots started to flare up!  He started crying and wiggling and it was so hard to watch. :(  He said he felt like his back was on fire and it broke mommy's heart. He had to lay still for 25 minutes, while his poor back was itching and burning. :'( Whew! It's so hard to see your children suffer.
The doctor came back in and checked to see what exactly Andrew is allergic to and there were SO many things that he felt it was necessary to do a second round of tests to verify the most pronounced allergies.  This test was even harder!
The next test was done with six needles (REAL needles this time).  They had to give him six separate shots down his scrawny little arm. :(  This test hurt!

Five of the six shots came back positive.  
In the end, we were told that Andrew was allergic to a LONG list of things.  The most heartbreaking was dogs.  Andrew is allergic to our two fur babies, Sadie and Libby.  With our doctor's help, we have come up with a tentative plan for helping his allergies, while at the same time keeping our puppies.  Please be in prayer with us that we are able to help Andrew AND keep our babies.  Our hearts would absolutely be broken if we had to choose between our son and our dogs because we would lose two family members.  For those of you with animals, you know that they quickly become a part of your family and to see them go is absolutely heartbreaking. :(  
Andrew is also allergic to GRASS and trees!  How is someone allergic to GRASS!?  It is kind of unavoidable, but we are going to do our best. :/  Wish us luck! 
Andrew will start allergy shots within the next couple of weeks (once his serum is ready) and we are hoping this will help to keep his allergies at bay. My poor bubble boy...

Monday, October 15, 2012

The list goes on.

Last week was insanely busy!  Eli went with Mam for the week and I thought it would give me some time to get things done/caught up and maybe even relax a little, but I was wrong! LOL  I ended up overbooking myself and running around like crazy!  I didn't get many things from my list done, but I did get a lot of things done that I didn't even know needed to be done. ;)  
I had doctors appointments, Bloom, a visit to the kids school, a parent/teacher conference, a visit from my momma, and even a date night worked in somehow. :)  
On Tuesday, I started a new "diet" plan. You can read more about that at:
My favorite day last week?  Wednesday!  Wednesday, my mom and I  had lunch with Ali and Drew at school.  We had so much fun playing with the kids and taking lots of pics. :)

Love these sweet kids! :)

Wednesday was also the night we had our date night! :) Thanks to our wonderful neighbor, we have been able to take advantage of quite a few date nights lately.  We love Priscilla and the kids get so excited when they hear she is coming over. :)  LOVE THAT! 
This weekend, we went to see our families in Berryville/Green Forest. We were only there briefly to spend a little time with them and bring Eli home, but we had a lot of fun laughing with them and can't wait to see everyone again...very soon! :)
In the meantime, I need to get busy on that never ending "to do" list. ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day Review

Thus far, we have had a pretty uneventful week and in my opinion, those are the best! :)
On Tuesday, we went to Bloom and Eli sang all the way there! He loves his class there and mommy loves her class too. ;)  It has been such a great experience and I am so thankful to Kathy for telling me about it.
This Tuesday happened to be the week when my group (along with another group) supplied the food for all 260+ women!  It was hectic around here on Tuesday morning.  Not only did I decide to make something that takes a little prep time, but it also happened to fall on picture day for the kiddos! LOL  We were running around crazy!
I made sausage stars (aka: sausage wraps) and they were super yummy.  I got to eat one on the way because it had fallen apart, coming out of the oven. ;)  Good thing I DID eat that one because by the time Kathy and I made our way over to the tables, there was only ONE left (out of 48!).  I snatched it quickly before any one else could because I desperately wanted Kathy to try them! LOL  She loved them! YAY-Success! :)

Today Eli and I got some important errands ran and then after school, all of us went for some ice cream with Sarahjane!

We love us some Sarahjane!  She is absolutely precious and to know her is to love her. Anyone who doesn't know her is really missing out! ;)  We love you SJ! :)

Well, there is my quick hump day review. Have a great rest of the week! :)
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