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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and Cupcakes! :)

Halloween was so much fun this year!  We went to a super fun church Fall Fest with our friends, the Sproles, and then we went trick or treating on Wednesday night! :)

Eli was old enough to actually enjoy himself this year, so it made it a lot more fun for everyone.  When baby brother isn't happy, ain't nobody happy! ;)

Friday night we made some cupcakes (and decorated them, which if the funnest part!) and delivered some to our precious neighbors!  It was a lot of fun and the coolest part:  When there were only 3 cupcakes left (one for each of my babies), they wanted to take them to the neighbors instead of eating them and that made momma's heart smile. :)  My babies are so sweet. I love their little servant hearts.

Don't have much to say tonight, but wanted to share some sweet pictures! :) God Bless and Goodnight.

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