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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Flipping Out" in California!

David and I just got back from visiting California and we had a blast!  It was a business trip for the hubby, but I tagged along for the break! :D  It was fabulous!  The first couple of days, David had to be in the office all day and I spent the hours alone getting terribly lost and shopping WAY too much!

Friday began our true vaca and we took advantage of every minute!  We spent our first day checking in to the most amazing hotel EVER (holla to Mr. C!!) and touring LA with our bestie, Wendy.  Wendy moved to LA last year and I was so excited to get to see her while we were there!

We visited the Griffith Observatory, saw the Hollywood sign, and ate at Casa Vega before heading back to Wendy's apartment to watch a freaky new series (American Horror Story), that I would not suggest to anyone!

Saturday, we went on a little stalking adventure.  The two of us are mildly obsessed with the show, "Flipping Out". More than the show...the cast!  We love us some Jeff, Gage, Jenni, and Zoila!  We decided to do a driveby at Gramercy Place.  For those of you who are not faithful watchers of the show (you should be!), this is a house that the couple just purchased to renovate and start their family in.  After taking a few pictures, I was totally sulking as we walked back to our car. I was disappointed that I had ONLY seen some worker bees and no stars.  I had also noticed a Mercedes in the garage (I have totally seen Jeff and Gage driving said car on the show) and I KNEW this car didn't belong to the workers, who by the way were laughing at my obsession with the house!  As we were walking back, David said (very casually, might I add), "There's Gage."  I quickly retorted with a, "Stop! That's not funny!".  THEN I LOOKED UP AND SAW....GAGE!  I squealed like a little girl and David AND Gage laughed at me!
I MIGHT have also screamed his name, but it all happened so fast. ;)  He started walking back up toward his home and I yelled after him and asked for a picture! LOL  He was super sweet and obliged...
He was super dirty from working on the house, but he still looked gorgeous as ever. ;)  Don't you think?

After we took a few pictures with Gage, we headed to Santa Monica Pier. I had a blast!  That place is right up my alley!  We went on a few rides and, on one ride, I even rode alone because David's weak tummy wouldn't allow it. ;)  Later, he braved it and regretted it...we won't talk about that! LOL

After enjoying the pier for a while, we went to a local seafood place called Gladstones.  We had the most amazing clam bake!  I had never even heard of such a thing.  They brought us a HUGE pot of seafood (with a little sausage and potatoes mixed in).  Doesn't it look yummy??

Since David doesn't like lobster, I made sure it was all taken care of! ;)  We looked really sexy in our bibs! :D

After dinner, we went for a stroll on the beach. It was beautiful.  It has always been a dream of mine to walk a moonlit beach with my love! :D  Dreams come true...

On Sunday, we headed back to Santa Monica to take care of some shopping! :D  We made sure to get a few shots of our shopping experience as well! ;)

On Sunday, we also had the exciting experience of meeting Alyson Hannigan and her beautiful daughter.  We happened to eat at Chipotle at the same time and got to have a nice conversation with her and her playful toddler. :D

We were sad to check out of Mr. C, especially when we were welcomed by a dirty airport hotel, but our flight left EARLY on Monday and we wanted to be close...
We are still exhausted from the hours of sleep we lost on our mini vaca, but we couldn't be more thankful for the time alone we got to share.


  1. I LOVE GAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So jealous you got a picture with him!!!! Haha! Y'alls trip looks so awesome! Glad y'all got to get away! :)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm jealous of all the seafood! Now I'm going to have to watch more Flipping Out, I've seen an episode here and there, but wasn't yet hooked. ;) I love all your pictures and tell David not to feel bad about the ride. I used to love roller coasters and stuff, but after the last time I rode one, my head and stomach informed me that we would not be doing that anymore. I'm so glad you had so much fun. Give the kids a kiss!

  3. Ashley-he was SO genuinely sweet! :D The trip was amazing! I can't wait to see more pictures from your trip! :D

    MC-You MUST watch more Flipping Out! It's great! Kisses right back at ya from the kiddos! :D Love you!

  4. You should have stopped and picked me up on the way ;)

  5. Britney-that would have been so much fun! We should go on a trip some time!!! WOO HOO! We can take Julia with us...fun!!! :D


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