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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's all water under the bridge, er floor.

While David and I were away, the water came out to play.
We came home to a vicious leak in the "craft corner" downstairs.  Water was all over the ceiling and coming down the walls.  It was devastating...
We turned off the AC upstairs, thinking it was the cause of the leak.  We assumed the AC had frozen up and the overflow tray had, well...overflowed.
We started to get ready for bed after a really long day of flights and picking up doggies and kiddos and as David reached under the bathroom sink to get his face wash and other bedtime necessities, he opened the drawer to find his belongings literally FLOATING in water!  The sink had been slowly leaking and had filled his top two drawers with water and as the drawers overflowed, the water trickled out of both sides of our double vanity.
The 100+ year old wooden floors are ruined and buckled and the ceiling downstairs is in need of desperate repair as well. :(  It's been a trying few days, but I truly believe that "this too shall pass". 

Here is a picture of the mess we are currently working to clean up:


  1. Dang girl! I will pray that everything works out!

  2. Poor YOU! Not a good last few weeks for your home...or your car. :( So very, very sorry!!

  3. It's definitely been frustrating. But despite the $300 plumbing bill, it could have been far worse. I'm glad you thought to have him make sure we're all good everwhere so we hopefully avoid this kind of thing in the future.


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