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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Libby goes GREEN.

Today was a very exciting day around Casa de Lynch.  David woke up early with the kiddos and was gracious enough to allow me to sleep in to "catch up".  When I woke up at around 9:30 (3 HOURS later than the usual 6:30 wake up), the house was peaceful.  The kids were quietly playing, the house was clean (my husband rocks!), and the luggage was almost all unpacked from our week away from home.

I woke up thinking, "this is going to be a nice, relaxing day" and for the most part, it was. 

David went grocery shopping and I stayed home with the kids.  I don't know which one of us gets the better hand when we split the chore of grocery shopping, but Eli was napping when he left, so all was pretty quiet.

About 15 minutes after David left, I heard screaming coming from Eli's nursery.  I opened the door to see Eli's leg stuck in between the rails of the crib!  I was horrified. This has happened a few times now, but he has always stuck his leg between the rails that are on the very end (which are easy to disassemble quickly)...until now.  He not only stuck his leg right through the middle bars, but it was also on the back (tall) side of the crib and my 5'4" self could not reach over to get to him.
I panicked!!! I called David, more for his comforting voice than anything else and I finally calmed down enough to realize I could twist him onto his side by pulling his leg sideways, since I still couldn't reach the little guy.  It was tough, mostly because Eli was terrified, but I managed to flip him over and slide his leg up the rail!  He was so happy to be free, but for the next two hours, he wouldn't let me put him down at all...he was traumatized.  The poor little guy...:(

While I held Eli close and comforted him, daddy came home and unloaded the groceries and all was well.  We even decided to let Libby downstairs to play for a while, while we were all available to keep an eye on her.  Remember:  Libby is 5 1/2 months old and crate training. She is doing really great, but we have had a few setbacks because of her bowel disease, although she has been doing super since her change in meds. :D

Libby was roaming around and harassing Sadie as usual.  We were keeping a close eye on her and everyone was enjoying the relaxing Saturday.  Daddy was baking muffins (he has a new thing for baking) and the kids and I were in the play room with the two fur babies...
I told Andrew to clean up his trains from the play room table and take them to his room before Libby got a hold of them and Drew began carrying the trains to his room.  Libby, of course, felt this was the perfect time to escape. As Drew opened the door, she ran through the kitchen and straight into Drew's room.  David saw her run past, so he went to get her, but it was too late.  Drew was yelling that Libby had something in her mouth and by the time David reached her, he heard her gagging and swallowing something, but no one knew what! 

We were so worried!!!  We gave her hydrogen peroxide to try to make her throw up (vet's orders), but twenty minutes passed and nothing.  We gave her a second dose and crossed our fingers...finally, 15 minutes later, she vomited!  We were so excited, but there was nothing there, except for dog food and bile. :(  I immediately called the emergency vet and they told us she would need to be seen immediately and an x-ray would be necessary. I got in the car and drove her to Maumelle. 

When we reached the vet, I quickly got out of the car and went to the back, where Libby was waiting in her crate.  When I got her out (in the rain-btw), I noticed something in the back of her crate. I could barely see it, but I could tel it was green!?

See exhibit A:

  Libby had swallowed a TREE!  Sure, it's a plastic tree from Drew's train set, but Libby swallowed a tree! 

That little girl sure did scare me today, but you know what...I'm thankful.  I'm thankful for the joy Libby brings our family and I'm thankful that she chose to throw it up BEFORE we paid 200 dollars for an xray. 

I have a lot to be thankful for, but most of all, I am thankful for a Lord that watches over us, even when we are too "busy" to ask.  Tonight, my baby is sound asleep in her crate and my Jesus is REAL! :D  I am so thankful!


  1. Oh my goodness! Did she throw that up??

  2. Renee-glad you liked it! ;) It wouldn't have been the same without the picture, agreed? :D
    Britney-yes! She threw it up on the way to the emergency vet! LOL Thank goodness!!

  3. Ow! I bet it hurt her poor throat and tummy!
    hopefully she has learned her lesson about eating trees in the future ;)

  4. Haha I can't help but to laugh that you photographed the puked up tree!!! Oh if I took some of the pictures of what Lucy has thrown up or pooped out I would scare everyone away! But that tree pretty much beats them all! Although Lucy has ate a whole package of latex balloons(our yard looked like a rainbow) a whole box of crayons, raw chicken (because she is tall enough to get food off the counter) and well I could go on all day!!! Dogs just make us crazy but they are so much fun!! Miss you and love ya!!!

  5. 1.) Ok, your husband cleans, grocery shops, AND bakes?! {Jealous} ;)
    2.) Poor, poor Eli.
    3.) Eeeeeew on the visual!!!!!!! :)

  6. MC-We can only hope that she has learned her lesson...little rascal! ;)
    Sara-Oh my goodness! I hope that Libby began and finished with eating trees, but I doubt that is the case! LOL
    Miss you so much and love you MOST! ;)
    1. Yes, he does. I am very lucky. He is amazing! :D
    2. I don't understand why he continues to do it!
    3. The visual was the only way to make you understand! LOL


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