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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DVR is magical.

Today, Eli and I were blessed to sleep in until after 9!  It was sooooo nice!  We woke up and had a leisurely breakfast and basked in the glow of sleeping in. :) 

We had a play date today with our fabulous mommy group, Small Fries.  It was so good to see everyone!  With the holidays and travel and such, we have been kind of MIA for a while and we missed them so.  We went to The Church at Rock Creek to play in the indoor playground and Eli is FINALLY old enough to REALLY enjoy this place!  He is a pro all of a sudden. It is bitter sweet.  He was up the stairs and down the slide without thinking twice.  It was a joy to see him truly enjoy himself.  :)

We left play group a little early so that we could meet daddy at home for lunch.  Eli LOVES having lunch with daddy. Not only is he super excited to see him, but daddy is a good sharer. ;)  Eli always steals what fruit he can from daddy's plate after he has already filled his little belly with his own lunch. ;) 

After lunch, Eli laid down for a nap and I had some brief "mommy time".  I would usually spend this time cleaning or working out or something, but today was different. Today I chose to relax and catch up on a little DVR and it was so nice! I cuddled with Libby and watched Gossip Girl and craved chocolate that I can't have. LOL 

Tonight I made up for all the laziness of the day and did some hard work.  David and I are cleaning out the attic and we are doing it one box at a time. It is out of control!  We are getting rid of everything!!  Unfortunately, in the meantime, there is stuff all over our dining room and it is driving me crazy, so tomorrow I am making a trip to donate.  I can't wait to unload. :) 

I guess I will close now. I need to go catch up on some People's Court! I love it! I currently have 36 episodes on the DVR and the kids are in bed, so night night. :)

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