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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dentists, Dings and Date Nights!

Yesterday, I had a dental cleaning and I absolutely LOVE to have my teeth cleaned. Some people have irrational fears of dentists (David), but I absolutely love them.  They make your teeth feel all clean and sparkly. :D  Dentists are wonderful!
Does anyone else appreciate a good dental cleaning? :D

Today, I headed to Land Rover to hear the bad news.  The damage is $2,300!!  We WILL be turning it into insurance, so what did my experience cost me?  Backing out of the garage cost me $500.  :( 
Stinky, right?  Well...lesson learned.  This one cost me more than the average lesson, but I won't be backing out of the garage any time soon.  How's that for irrational fears? ;) 

I am back on track with my healthy eating and this is day 4 of eating healthy.  I am dying for all things unhealthy, but I am getting stronger every day.  :)  There will be a minor setback tomorrow night.  A few friends are getting together for a MNO and we are eating at Gaucho's!  If you haven't tried it, you should! It's a Brazilian steakhouse and it's amazing!  I can't wait!  :)  I'll update soon, hopefully with some great pics of me with some gal pals. ;)


  1. what happened to the Land Rover??

  2. 1.) I'm with David on the dental stuff. Freaks me out to have somebody all up in my face and mouth. You see where Lily gets her personal space issues, right?!
    2.) I told Ryan about all the, er, "incidents" with your car, and we've concluded that it's cursed. Or possessed. Or BOTH. ;)
    3.) Yaaaay YOU! And I love me some Gaucho's!!

  3. BB-See:http://shepherdsandlambs.blogspot.com/2011/09/2011-lr4-vs-1913-bungalow.html

    Michelle-It is SOOOOOOO cursed! I keep trying to tell David, but he doesn't want to hear it. LOL
    We should go to Gaucho's soon! :D


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