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Monday, February 27, 2012

We have set a date!

This mama has been stressed to the max lately.  On top of trying to shed nearly 100 pounds, we have been trying to sell our home.
I honestly don't know which one is harder! 
Losing weight is tough for sure, but at least I can count on myself to get it done and hold myself accountable when something goes wrong. I decide whether to work out or not and I decide whether to eat the chocolate or throw it away, fearing I might...well, eat the chocolate.  But with selling your home, you can't count on ANYTHING. 
We have the best realtor EVER.  He is amazing and proactive and enthusiastic and GREAT at his job.  But even the best realtor EVER can't make someone buy your home. 
This roller coaster ride literally makes me nauseous on a day to day basis.  It is exhausting.  You get your hopes up when someone sees your house because you know it's great, so they should think it's great too, right? 
We have had so much interest, especially recently.  We had TWO different couples see it for the SECOND time in the same week and we thought for sure, it was sold!  Alas, we wait for feedback from Realtors who can't remember to do their job and give that precious feedback.  If we knew what was detouring buyers, we would certainly fix it, but no one has anything negative to say about the house!  Everyone "LOVES IT"!  So, why hasn't it sold!?
Selling a house (especially when you are sitting on a contingent offer for your dream home) is hard on everyone!  It's hard on the kids (Eli's naps are completely messed up because people constantly want to see the house while he is sleeping, so I have to wake him up and go for an hour long car ride to NO WHERE), the dogs (they have to be crated any time someone is coming to see the house and they are NOT used to being locked up in crates), the realtor (he doesn't get paid until you sell and I can't imagine how hard that would be), but most of all, the sellers.  We have ups and downs constantly with not knowing whether someone will request a showing that day or not OR if they will love it or hate it once they see it.  Our relationship has suffered because of the stress and so........
David and I have set a date.  We have decided that we will leave our home on the market until April 1st. April 1st is significant because this is the day our contingent offer expires on our dream home and it will mark 3 months of our home being on the market. 
We have struggled with this decision for a while now and we feel it's best for our marriage, our stability, our sanity, our children, and our future.
It is so hard to let go of something you love so much.  :'( It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that no matter what we do, we may not end up in this home that we have already decorated a thousand times in our heads.  We have purchased furniture for the sole purpose of it having the perfect place in our new home and now that furniture MAY well remain in our current home, a bit out of place. ;)
I have faith that God has a plan. He knows our hearts desires, but He also knows what is best for our family and sometimes those two things are not the same.
I have tears running down my face while writing this, but I still have complete faith in my God and what he is capable of and I fully trust Him to lead us into the right direction and if our home doesn't sell, then I believe it wasn't meant to be and as hard as it may be, I will accept that with a smile (and maybe some tears). ;)
Please keep us in your prayers, that despite what happens, we remain strong and most importantly, that we follow God's Will and not our own. :D

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”


  1. I'm so sorry. :( I've crossed everything crossable that some serious house selling takes place before April 1! Love you. :)

  2. God is in control!! Praying for you!!!


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