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Friday, September 28, 2012

Total Slacker

I have been a total slacker at blogging.  I actually love blogging and find it therapeutic, much like writing in the journal I don't have time to write in. I just can't seem to find the time, EVER.  If I do get a few moments to myself, I end up staring at a wall or something because frankly, that seems like a lot of fun lately! LOL  I have been completely exhausted and I don't even know why...UGH!
Now that Ali and Drew are back in school, Eli and I spend most of our days trying to work around his nap schedule and hoping he wakes up in time to go get his sister and brother so I don't have to wake the little bear. ;)  We haven't been able to have many play dates at all lately because of his crazy nap schedule, but Eli can't function without a nap.  This leaves us with some very LONG days. :/  If it weren't for having to pick up the kids from school, nap time wouldn't be so hard, but alas...
Yesterday, we were able to go to the zoo with some friends and then we went to the park after we picked up the kiddos from school.  We had a lot of fun (SEE FACEBOOK FOR PICS) and because it is no longer 105 degrees outside, we will be spending a lot more time outdoors now! :)  YAY FOR FALL!
I don't have any pics uploaded and I don't have much time, but I wanted to check in and let everyone know that we are still kicking (sometimes literally) over here and if you are reading this, chances are, we miss you! ;)  We vow to work on our nap schedule so that we can join the human race again on day. :)

Lot of Love.


  1. Slacker!! :)
    Naps have always been so (SO) important for Lily too, even still. If she skips her nap, we ALL pay.
    Yaaaay fall is right!!!!

  2. Exactly! WE.ALL.PAY! ;)

    I am so glad it is starting to cool off a little bit!!! :)


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