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Friday, July 13, 2012

Totally BOOKED!

We have had a crazy, busy week!  To be honest, I prefer to stay busy though. I have really enjoyed watching the kids have so much fun and the week has gone by SO fast, and now...TGIF! :)

Monday started off kind of moody for me. After gaining 12 pounds in Florida, it was time to get back on track. The first day is always the hardest!  UGH!

In the morning, we were all pretty relaxed.  We sat around and did crafts and colored for nearly 2 hours!  We stayed in our jammies until nearly NOON, which is pretty rare around here.  The kids had dental appointments at 3:30pm, so I made sure Eli was plenty rested and we were on our way.  We had great check ups and even though I was worried about being overwhelmed with all three at the dentist (even though I do it every six months), it actually went pretty well. :)

Tuesday is usually called, "Leyla Days". We have a play date with our friends Jessica and Leyla every Tuesday morning at 9:30.  This Tuesday was a little different. Our playgroup had a play date at our friend Ashley's house, so we decided to ALL (Jessica, Myself, and our 4 children) ride together and go see the play group instead of the usual camp out at our house. :)
We had LOTS of fun and it was so good to see everyone!  There was a HUGE turnout and it was pretty LOUD, but the kids had a blast and I got to catch up with some friends that I don't see often enough. ;)

That afternoon, we had our special friends, the Sproles over for a Popsicle! ;)
I asked them to make silly faces and this is what I got:

On Wednesday, we had a HUGE list of errands to run and we were out from 8:30am-2:30pm, getting everything checked off of the list.  The boys got some much needed haircuts and we got A LOT of other stuff accomplished as well! :) It was a good day.
It was an EVEN BETTER night! I got to go out for a few hours with my friend Kathy to celebrate her....ummmmm....29th (again) birthday! ;)  I have a great picture of her from dinner, wearing her tiara, but I am sad to report that it is on my phone and not yet loaded on my Mac. :( BOOOO!
Anyway, we had lots of fun.  We ate dinner and went shopping for a bit and it was so good to not have any littles clinging to our shirt tails. ;)

Thursday, we started our day off with a visit to the library. That kids had a great time and they each got their own book, which they LOVED! :)
Thursday afternoon, we got to spend some more time with the Sproles! :)  While their mommy got some work done (she works for Rhea Lana from home, which I'm sure is a challenge with two kids), Sam and Amelia came and played at our house for a few hours.  The house has never been so LOUD, er FUN! ;)  The kids played and played and surprisingly, no one got hurt, with all the running and jumping. :)  We took lots of pictures:

Girls will be girls and boys WILL be boys! ;)  While the girls were content with some babies and barbie dolls, the boys pushed around dump trucks and pretended the barbies were "rocks they needed to clear out"!  LOL  I had to temporarily separate the boys and the girls, but otherwise, everyone got along great and we enjoyed their company. :)


  1. And then Friday you got to hang with US!!!! Hope Drew's head wasn't permanently damaged by MY kid's really (really) hard head. :)

  2. True story and we had so much fun! :) I had planned to post again on Saturday and write all about our play date, but didn't get the chance to! LOL
    Their poor heads hit HARD! He was fine by the time we got home. ;) How was your baby girl's head? ;)


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