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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Memphis for the 4th!

Yesterday morning, we woke up and decided we wanted to go somewhere.  David was off work (for the 4th) and the last thing we wanted to do was spend our day sitting around the house, bored.  We came up with several options and landed on Memphis.
You must understand that we are both very much PLANNERS!  We both love to have a plan that has been set for weeks and execute that plan as set.  Being spontaneous is not something we are known for AT ALL! ;)
I must say, I was very proud of us for doing something on a whim like that and what do you know?  It paid off!  We had a lot of fun and even though, I missed Ali and Drew like crazy, we were still able to enjoy ourselves.  :)
First, we took Eli to the Children's Museum, which I must say was kind of disappointing...:( I guess when you have all this cool stuff for kids around here (The Wonder Place, Splash Pad, Museum of Discovery, etc), you just expect more. There were lots of exhibits, but only a few were in good working order. Eli didn't know the difference. ;)  He most liked "grocery shopping" in the pint sized grocery store. It was adorable to watch him put things in the cart.  :)
We drove around a few historic neighborhoods for fun and we even toured a couple of really cool neighborhoods that reminded me of Brodie Creek. :)
We, OF COURSE, went to Joe's Crab Shack before heading home and it was delicious!!!  That alone would have been worth the two hour drive. haha  I guess everyone knows the way to my heart, hence my "fat" blog. ;)
We stopped at TJ Maxx and had some Starbucks and we were back on the road again.
On our way out of town, we got to watch lots of fireworks over the river. Eli loved it!! :)
We didn't get home until after midnight and we were SLEEPY, but it was a great day!  Here are a few pictures of our day in Memphis.

Happy 4th! (even if it IS a day late!)


  1. Sounds awesome! I love being spontaneous. Allen and I had a scary very "hood/gang" experience in Memphis, but I'm sure you enjoyed a much nicer area. ;) I'm glad you had so much fun! Eli is still so adorable.

  2. We definitely enjoyed ourselves, but Memphis reminds me a lot of LR...they are both pretty "hood"! LOL You will have to tell me all about this experience the next time we see you! :) Love you!

  3. I tried to get Ryan to head to Memphis for the 4th too!...but he took a big ol' poop on my idea. :( I'm sad you didn't love the children's museum. Last time we went (a couple years back), it was awesome...except for the overpriced, crappy food!

  4. HAHA We didn't even try the food. we weren't in there for longer than a couple of hours. ;)


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