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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friends are FUN!

Today was a day filled with friends!  These kinds of days are my favorite! :)

The day started with a little drive to Sherwood to pick up Leyla, so that she could spend the day with us while her mommy got things at home in order.  They just moved and aside from not having much time to play lately, her mommy was busy trying to get things arranged in the new house and everything done at the old house, so we landed a hand. ;)

Leyla and Eli love each other!  They are such a joy to watch together.  :)

We then headed to CARC to have some fun with one of our playgroups.  It was SO crowded today (probably because of the rain), but we had fun, despite the overwhelming crowd. Leyla and Eli spent most of their time there eating snacks! LOL

After we left CARC, it was time to get home and eat some lunch! :) Leyla and Eli LOVE lunchtime. It is where they have all of their "serious" moments. :)

THEN, we had the opposite of serious, when Sarahjane came over to play! :)  I absolutely adore this girl! She is so much fun!  The kids loved her too! She was a big hit! ;)

After the kids played "ring around the rosie" about 50x, it was time for Leyla to go home. :(  They were so sad to leave each other.  They kept hugging over and over...broke our hearts. :(

After dinner, David, Sarahjane and I took Eli to the new splash pad at War Memorial Park!  It is amazing!!!  We had so much fun! :)  I wish I had pictures, but I learned the day before not to take your camera/phone because it WILL get wet! LOL  Here are some pictures from yesterday, when we went with our best friends, the Elms'. :)

Not only is there a gigantic splash pad, but there is also a set of swings and some really great underground tunnels and slides! This place rocks!  We will definitely be spending a lot of time here, over the summer. :)

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