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Monday, May 14, 2012

Small Fries, Sproles, and Service

Today was a fabulous day! :)  We started our morning off with spending a couple of hours with our playgroup!  My, Oh my...we have missed these ladies/kiddos.  It was so good to see them and catch up.  We also got to see baby Brooklyn for the first time! Eli was quite jealous of me spending time with Brooklyn.  He kept climbing on my knee, saying, "My momma...".  HEHE  That must be so confusing for little ones...to see their mommies hug and kiss on other babies.
Here are a few pictures from our morning play date:

We left the play date to meet daddy for lunch at Dixie Cafe and lunch did not sit well! LOL  I over did it! WHEW!  One should not eat fried pickles when coming off of a recent food poisoning ordeal! ;)

After lunch, Eli and I sped home to get Eli laid down for a nap (before it was too late) and to get me some nausea meds! I barely made it home! LOL
He only got to sleep a weak 45 minutes before it was time to pick up Ali and Drew from school, but it was all worth it for the big surprise of the afternoon! :)  We spent the afternoon with one of our absolute favorite families, the Sproles!  We adore this family and we always have so much fun with them!

I am so excited about that last picture!  We had to bribe the two youngest kiddos with candy, but we got everyone to smile and I will cherish this picture. :)

Tonight, we went to church and we just love our church! :)  In honor of Mother's Day, the kids sang on stage, "We are the Children" and it was so special. I loved it!  We feel so blessed to have found our church.  :)


  1. Such precious pics of your cute kiddos!...and other people's cute kiddos too. :)


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