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Thursday, May 10, 2012

We love the McCon Gang! :)

Yesterday was a great day!  From start to finish, the day seemed to sail by, without incident.  The morning went smoothly.  We were up by 6:15 to get the older kiddos ready for school and everyone happily ate breakfast without complaining or throwing anything on the floor. ;)
Ali is normally not a morning person, but she was super excited about a field trip to the Arkansas Skatium, so even Ali was all smiles at breakfast. :)  It makes my heart happy to see my babies excited.  
Eli and I watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, while we anxiously awaited the McCon's! :)  Eli was so excited to see Lily. He kept looking out the window, saying, "Lily go bye bye?". :) The boy LOVES Lily!
They had a blast!!

As usual, Eli felt it was necessary to wear sunglasses the entire day! LOL  silly boy!

 Miles has gotten so big! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Mommy thought it would be funny to put a bear on his head...he wasn't amused...until it fell off! Then he giggled! LOL

Lily took a little "nap" in Ali's bed. :)

I love this picture! I could eat him up!

David came home for lunch, just in time to get a quick snuggle with Lily and Miles before they headed off to have lunch with their own daddy. :)

Goodbye hugs!

We had so much fun and Eli was worn out!  I laid him down for nap (after running a quick errand) and he was OUT for two hours! :)

Last night we had Tacos for dinner! :)  The kids LOVE them, but we don't have them very often. They aren't exactly a poster child for healthy dinners! LOL

Notice: Eli is STILL wearing the sunglasses he was wearing 9 hours earlier!  The kid thinks he needs to wear glasses/hats/jewelry (usually necklaces) ALL day and night! LOL


  1. We had so much fun, and I love all your pics! Thanks for having us!...even though you totally called my boy "Max" in your post. :)

  2. WOW! How did I even do that?! I clearly called him Miles twice before calling him Max...just wow! LOL I'm going to go edit that right now! So sorry! LOL
    We had so much fun and can't wait for you guys to come back! :)

  3. Haha! I LOVE Eli's sunglasses. So funny.

  4. He is so silly with his glasses!


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