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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Children are such a blessing!

Every day I feel blessed to be the mother of our three, beautiful children. Today, on Mother's Day, I was reminded of what a blessing they are.  My children do things every day to make me smile.  They giggle and it 's contagious.  They tell a silly joke that doesn't make sense and I can't help but laugh. :) They dance and I jump up to dance with them. They cry and my heart breaks...
Today, it brought me to tears when my children jumped in bed with me, screaming, "Happy Mother's Day!"
Today was wonderful!  David let me sleep in SUPER LATE and refused to let me do ANYTHING productive! LOL  I felt terribly lazy, but I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed it! :)
On top of a new Burberry purse and matching wallet (Burberry is my newest obsession), I got these precious gifts from my kiddos.

I am a sucker for homemade gifts from my kids. :)  They made these at school and have been dying to give them to me since Friday! LOL  I had to literally force them to wait until Mother's Day because they were so excited! ;)

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there and Happy Mother's Day to my momma. I love you. :)


  1. Happy Mother's Day Cheryll! Mom was telling me after she stayed with you all what an amazing mother you are. I'm so glad you enjoy your sweet kids.

  2. Awe, thank you MC! That's super sweet of your momma. ;) We really enjoyed having her here. :) Happy Mother's Day to you too, love.
    We love you! :)

  3. Handmade kid gifts are the best! I never dreamed those words would come out of me. :)

    1. IKR!? I love them, especially the laminated ones because they will last forever! :)


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