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Saturday, May 12, 2012

SPAM shook me all night long

I hope when you read the title of this blog, you actually sang it to the tune of "You shook me all night long". If you didn't, you are really missing out and you should go back and read, er sing it again. ;)
It is 5:10am and I am finally getting some relief from my night of what I can only consider, overdoing it?
As most of you already know, I have been eating healthy for months now and I have lost 46 pounds! (check out my other blog for details) I have made a conscious effort to stay away from foods, such as SPAM.  I know that SPAM can sometimes be considered the unmentionable guilty pleasure, so I was hesitant to even call it by name, when I started writing.  Regardless, you know now and whether you love it or hate it, it was still the cause of much discomfort last night/this morning.
Yesterday, feeling very defeated and discouraged, I turned to food. I went pilfering through the cupboards and believe it or not, couldn't find anything more unhealthy than Pringles!  Then, I saw it. It was tucked in the back, looking all lonely, and I couldn't resist.  It was SPAM.
I actually love SPAM. I prefer to fry it (I could never eat it "raw").  I usually eat it on a sandwich, but yesterday I decided I would just eat it with some salsa. YUM.  I even learned, much to David's dismay, that Eli loves it too! :) SSSSHHHHH! Don't tell Mam I gave it to him. ;)
So, Eli and I ate the SPAM and while he made a valiant effort to help, I can't promise that he had more than one "slice".  Before I knew it, the can was gone.
I am not proud of what I just admitted, but we can't live in the past, right?
That was around 1pm.
When I picked the kids up at 2:35pm, I felt pretty great!  We even went to the park and played for a couple of hours! :) See:

Daddy even stopped by, after work:

(I am finishing this blog at 9:12am because I wasn't feeling well enough to finish it earlier)
I didn't feel like eating, so Daddy took Ali and Drew to Larry's and I took Eli home with me. 
We stopped at Sonic for drinks (and dinner for Eli) and Eli got to sit up front and eat his dinner (one of his new favorite things to do lately).  
I started feeling sick then, but ate anyway, which I realize was a bad idea.
This next part is probably TMI, but it must be told because it probably played a big role in the progression of my tummy ache! LOL
So, Eli and I are sitting in the front seat eating and Eli toots really loud, followed by a "rumble", if you know what I mean...
He was actually pretty impressed with himself and he cheered, " I toot toot, I toot toot!"  HEHE  It was super cute, so I had to add that.
I was stranded! We had no diapers or wipes because we had just headed out to pick up the kids from school and then made an unexpected trip to the park and then to Sonic...etc.  I put him back in his car seat and I could tell we were in trouble. There was already leakage and we were miles from home in 5:00 traffic. :(  
By the time we got home, Elijah had "exploded".  I carried his entire car seat inside and proceeded to clean up the mess!  Needless to say, this did not help my nausea at all!  By the time everything was cleaned off, washed, bleached x2, bathed and sanitized, I was feeling pretty green.  
Still, at this point, I figured my belly was just upset from the can of SPAM + potty mess.  I took it easy and we went to bed, as usual. We were up watching DVR for a while before actually turning out the lights and I started feeling clammy and sweaty. My face was on fire and I was SICK!  It was around 11pm.
Then David remembered these little miracle pills the kids had left over from when they had the flu!  I looked up the adult dosage and took two of the last four pills that were left and hoped for the best.
It worked!  I felt good enough to sleep and did just that, until around 3am. I woke up restless! I wasn't feeling sick, just wasn't able to sleep. :(  I did several things to occupy myself and around 5, I settled down to start this blog. I felt fine when I started, but a few minutes into it, I got sick AGAIN!  I was miserable, so I quickly went back upstairs and took the last two pills. (By the way, these pills dissolve because they were originally prescribed for kids and that's very hard when you are nauseous!)
I slept soundly until about 7 when our alarms were set for.  We had planned to get up and head to Conway to watch Jacob (our best friends' son) play in his first t-ball game and then spend the day with them.  Now...the game has been cancelled because of rain and I am scared to go near anyone, for fear that I am contagious...
I am also out of medicine now, so at any minute, this could get real bad! :(  
I don't know whether I am sick from eating SPAM or I have a stomach bug, but either way, I'm miserable!
I was so excited about our plans for today and now they are ruined. :(
I am waiting on a call back from my Dr. Hopefully he will have pity on me, on a Saturday afternoon, and call in meds without seeing me.  Unfortunately, I still won't know what it is that is making me sick, but at least I will be able to function.
Wish me luck!


  1. Spam spam you're out of a can,
    Spam spam I'm so not a fan,
    Spam spam get back in your can,
    Spam spam you're not fit for man!!!

  2. LOL!!! Sarah-this made me laugh so hard!!!


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