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Friday, January 27, 2012

Drewby is 5!!

I can't believe my little man is 5!  As he stumbled out of bed and headed to the potty, I scooped him up and excitedly cheered,  "I can't believe you're 5, Drew!"  He said, "I'm practically all growned up." awwwwwww...so precious, this little man. 
Drew is all boy! He loves cars, dinosaurs, Big Foot (a toy which scares most of his friends away), video games and sports. 
He is truly the sweetest, most soft hearted kid I have ever met.  He tells me, "I love you like a princess" and my heart melts.
We had a pretty exciting day!  We started out with opening a present from Mammy #2 (they insist on calling two different grandmas, Mammy). David's mom got him a police officer costume and he LOVED it! He has literally worn it for three days straight! He comes home from school and puts it on and tells me he is going to go lock up some bad guys. Love it!  My dad is the chief of police, so he says he is going to help Bumpa get the bad guys. :)
Drew went to school, but we got permission to be a part of snack time and brought some cupcakes for the whole class to enjoy together.  Drew loved it!  The class sang Happy Birthday TWICE and he was eating it up!!! :)  He wore a crown that his precious teacher, Mrs. Brown, made for him and he even insisted on wearing it to dinner that night. 

I let Drew choose where we would go for dinner. It was his special day after all.  We, of course, ended up at Larry's pizza. :) 

They really do grow up fast. 

He loves his car that Mrs. Brown gave him. He has been carrying it around in his pocket. ;)

In a couple of weeks, we will be having a birthday party. I will post more pictures then. :)
Happy Birthday Drewby!


  1. Happy (belated) birthday to your precious Drew! Just realized it was on Wednesday. I suck. :(
    BUT we've already gotten him a really super-cool present (one that sorta freaks Lily out, so that means it's gotta be good, yes?), which kinda makes up for my belated suckiness, right?! :)

  2. You are not sucky, so stop! LOL
    I am sure he will love anything you got him! :D

    He thinks his birthday has come and gone and we didn't have a birthday party...:( I feel bad for him because he doesn't yet realize that the party isn't always ON the actual birth day. poor little guy.


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