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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zoo Snooze 2012

As members of the LR zoo, our family had the unique opportunity of staying the night at the zoo.  We jumped on the chance to do something so special with the kiddos.  We signed up and then realized that, we don't even have a tent! LOL  Just last year, we gave our 12 person tent to a neighbor because we don't really camp.
Our great friends, the Sproles, let us borrow their tent, air mattresses, sleeping bags...etc. and because of them, we were able to camp super comfortably. Thanks Kathy and Robert! ;)
I was dreading the camping part, honestly.  I have NEVER survived an entire night in a tent. I would always whine so much that my parents would take me to my grandmas or I would end up sleeping in my dad's truck! LOL  I am a "city girl" for sure.  I had SO MUCH FUN though! From beginning to end, it was a blast!  They had several animals come out and the kids got to play with them and see them up close.  We ate s'mores by a campfire and yes, we slept in a tent...ALL NIGHT! ;)
I won't say there weren't challenges:  Eli cried for 20 minutes when we laid him down and kept up the entire group (all 40 or so of us) until he finally got settled.  He kept falling all over the park. Everywhere we went, he would trip and re injure his knees, which were already banged up and bloody.  Drew got huge puffy eyes (he needs a bubble) and even a temp. of 102.6 in the night, but nothing ibuprofen couldn't cure. ;)  The bathroom was about a quarter of a mile away (which was rough when three kids woke up needing to pee!), but in the end...nothing could have possibly ruined this experience. It was seriously one of the most fun things we have ever done with the kids and I am so glad we did it, despite our fears. :)
Here are some pictures from our Boo Snooze adventure!  We can't wait for the next one to come around! :)


  1. What a fun memory for the family! I'm so glad that you got to do this and SO PROUD of you for staying all night!

    Sam got a matching boo-boo on his knee this wknd! :(

  2. HAHA I am so glad I did it and didn't chicken out. ;) I probably wouldn't have made it without all of your goodies! LOL
    Poor rowdy boys! Both of the boys are all banged up. :(
    Give Sam a hug and kiss for us and buy him some really cool bandaids! :)

  3. Boo Snooze??! I'd totally become a zoo member just to do that! So fun!
    And your photos are awesome!

  4. HAHA! Right?! It was a lot of fun! Maybe next year?! ;)


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