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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A touch of whiny.

Before signing on, I felt like I had so much to say. Now, I am speechless. Maybe I need to go stare at a wall. lol   I am exhausted. :/
There are very few people that follow my blog that are not mothers of toddlers or at least have been mothers of toddlers at one time, so you know what I mean when I say I am exhausted.
I love this little man. I really do. I adore him, in fact.  He is cuddly, affectionate, smart, creative, kind, loving, playful...the list could go on and on.  He is also down right exhausting! lol  He is going through a touch of a whiny stage and some days I feel like I am going to break down and cry right along with him.  Have you ever felt that way?
It is hard living so far from family because there are very few people we feel comfortable leaving our children with and that leaves us at a disadvantage when it comes to a break.  I can't relay enough how important I think this adult time is for parents.  We are finally on a bit of schedule with date nights, but they cant come soon enough some days. ;)
I think I will arrange a girls night out very soon.  Who wants to come?!  :)


  1. I want to come! :) Miss you lots and maybe he will feel better soon. You're a good mom, I know that. Love you!

  2. I absolutely wish you could come! I love you and miss your sweet smile. I can't wait until you are home for good! :)
    Love you bunches!


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