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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rough Start

This day started out a little bumpy.
Maybe it will help to know our morning routine a little before I divulge the bump...
In the mornings, while I am making/serving breakfast to the kids, David will often take his two HUGE cups of coffee upstairs and start getting ready for work. This morning, he stopped to help me with a few things before going upstairs.  He was in the laundry room with the fur babies (keeping them away from the kids and their food) doing a load of laundry.  I went into the laundry room to get something and as I was leaving, I pulled the door HARD behind me (if you live in Hillcrest, then you understand why you must pull hard on doors when closing them) and the next thing I heard was a scream!  For what I firmly believe was a solid minute (at least), there was yelping and screaming. :'(  When I pulled the door closed behind me, I had apparently slammed the door on Osa!  :'(  This isn't any ordinary inside door.  It's an outside storm door and its metal. :(
I laid her down and did a thorough check.  I pushed and squeezed over her entire body, but still worried, I called the vet.  She assured me that she was probably more scared than hurt and the yelping was probably hurt feelings (which I must admit, did not make me feel better).  I don't want to hurt her body or her feelings. :(
I am completely stalking her today, as I am supposed to make sure she eats/drinks/potties normally, but more than anything I am feeling so guilty and sad about this morning.  Am I overreacting? Probably.  Does that make me feel better? Not a bit. :(
Keep Osa (and mommy) in your thoughts and prayers today.  I am trusting and believing that there is nothing wrong internally, but my "internals" ;) aren't feeling so hot. :(  She is scared of doorways and jumping back every time I try to pet her, so mommy is feeling a bit heartbroken. :(

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