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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Paris is near.

I think it is something like 17 days, 13 hours, 54 minutes, & 13 seconds before we leave for Paris and I could not be more excited, unless... I was David, that is. ;)
The boy cannot stop talking about Paris and my precious husband, who needs every second of travel to be planned out, is doing very well to fight the urge of charting our course.  We talked about it and we have decided that for once, we won't have a plan.  If you know us, then you know this is scary stuff! LOL  Of course, there are several things we HAVE to do, but we wont have a day to day schedule and that is new for us. :)

Our house is STILL on the market and I HATE it.  I now feel sorry for anyone who has ever tried to sell a house, especially if you already had your heart set on a specific new home.  It is so hard to try to be out of the house, at the last second, every time someone wants to see it.  It is even harder to get out of the house at the last second and then get absolutely no feedback, or even worse, negative feedback!  I have said all of this before, but it still applies and it is still miserable! LOL

Osa got her first professional "cut and curl" yesterday and she looks so cute! She was beginning to look pretty unkempt, but she looks so precious!  Don't you agree??

She didn't like the bows, but I think she loves her new do! :)

We are going on a double date with some of our best friends tonight and I am so excited! :)  Robert and Kathy, are you ready for this? :)
We are going to try a restaurant that none of us have ever been to: Ciao!  Does anyone have a review or recommendation for this place??

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